Dual NanoBox Tide Plus M
Dual NanoBox Tide Plus M

Dual NanoBox Tide Plus M

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The Dual NanoBox Tide Plus M includes two Tides connected to one controller. Each unit measures 5" x 3" x .75" and work great for most small to medium sized aquariums.  Both units have five channels of control, full spectrum arrays, wireless control and a gooseneck/wireless mounting kits. 

The dual system works great for tanks longer than 24" allowing for exact placement over your reef. 

Built By Hand

Every NanoBox unit is meticulously built by hand. Each part is machined, designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

Wireless Control

Each NanoBox comes standard with the new Bluefish mini wireless controller. Now easily control your favorite NanoBox using the iOS or Android app!

Let Your Coral Thrive

Our NanoBox hardware paired with the Bluefish controller creates the most natural environment for your coral to grow and thrive. Includes a dedicated moonlight channel to replicate storms and moonphases in the Bluefish App.  All NanoBox units are capable of growing SPS, LPS, softies and anemones. 

NanoBox Presets :

The main goal for every tank owner is to have a beautiful and flourishing aquarium, right?  The two main characteristics of a successful tank are maximum growth and dynamic color. The new NanoBox presets will help achieve both while removing the stress of having to figure out the lighting on your own. We now have dedicated presets for SPS, LPS and mixed reefs that have been successfully tested.  With a click of a button you are ready to go! 

Due to the over whelming response we are currently at a 2-3 week lead time. We will get it out quicker if possible. Thank you for understanding! 

NanoBox BlinkUp Gen2 from NanoBoxReef on Vimeo.